See and talk with your visitors from wherever you are, before opening your door. Protect your family from unwanted visitors. Especially for areas with simple requirements such as dwelling homes and offices, as well as for high-demand areas such as condominiums and residential complexes with multiple entrances with various functions.

Internationally recognized traders with many years of experience in the field of video door phone offer modern and revised models of the highest standards. Following years of continuous research and development, the products that we offer have proven to be ideal from a technological and aesthetic point of view. Our mission is to achieve the best technical, functional and aesthetic results for all of the products that we offer and as a result we keep on evaluating the range of products that we offer on the basis of the latest trends, by combining innovation with quality.

See and talk to the person visiting you before you open the door, even if you are away from your home. Protect your family from unwanted visitors.

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Moreover, the video door phone system, can be connected to a TV set in your home so that when someone rings the bell, you will not need to get up to see them. Just by pressing the appropriate channel on your TV set, you can check whether you wish to open.

They have a modern design depending on the individual taste and each area so can be installed and used in a simple way. They can be in colour or black and white, with or without audio. Instead of using a monitor, you can see the visitor’s image on a computer or by using an App for Smartphones and tablets. As a result, you can communicate with your visitor from anywhere in the world.


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