Our company

Piperaris Security was founded in Cyprus in 1993 by Mr. Marios Tryfonos, with the slogan "the seeing all", and has managed to give its strong presence in the field of electronic security since its first year of operation. With a staff of more than 40 and a network of associates in Cyprus and abroad, Piperaris Security Protection has managed to become a loyal partner with their customers to provide high standards of security and protection in every need.
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Our Mission

The main objective of the company is to provide excellent customer service with all the necessary services of prevention, security and protection. It always ensures for the direct, continuous and complete services.
Takes full account of the "knowledge of the product" factor, with the result that all company staff are constantly trained, well trained and fully skilled, ready to serve their customers at all times.
It places particular emphasis on sophisticated infrastructure available and ensures the continuous modernization. Also, important for the company is after-sales maintenance, and this is accomplished by offering special maintenance programs to ensure the long-term operation of its products.