Theft detection sensors can be placed on any merchandise. If a customer tries to disconnect the sensor from the merchandise, the system will immediately trigger an alarm. These systems also increase sales because they enable unrestricted and convenient customer service.

The installation of this system increases the profits of any business, simply because no staff is needed to supervise and monitor customers for any thefts or damage.

Moreover, sales may increase because the system enables the provision of unrestricted and convenient service to customers in view of the fact that customers may have more time and more direct contact with the product because the product does not need to be locked in displays.

It is worth noting that all electrical devices can stay in a working condition because all protection systems function in parallel as well as chargers, giving the opportunity to the customer to get more familiar with the product before making a purchase.

Our company’s technical support department will ensure the successful installation of such systems which are specially adapted to your space and your needs.

Our company’s security and protection consultants are at your disposal to give you all the necessary information and to demonstrate the systems in your premises.

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