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16 April 2019
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9 May 2019

The ferry Salamis Akritas ship had to be equipped with brand new CCTV system, and Piperaris Security has offered a complete CCTV solution with cameras and recorders, especially designed for the needs of Akritas.

The name of Salamis in Cyprus is synonymous with that has to do with ships and shipping in general. The Salamis Organization is a leading organization in the Travel and Tourism sector in the Cruise, Maritime and Transport sector. The ferry Salamis Akritas ship joined the fleet of Salamis in February 2019.

The agreement with Piperaris secured for the ferry boat a brand-new CCTV monitoring system, with a number of cameras and recording systems.
The work of the systems installation is soon to be completed by Piperaris Security.

We thank Salamis who trusted us for a complete CCTV solution and we wish you all  safe and secure travel!