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9 April 2019
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16 April 2019
France lives one of the darkest moments of its modern history, and lamentation is global. One of the most emblematic buildings in the French capital suffered huge material damage after the fire broke out. Notre Dame counting a history of more than 850 years.

The devastating fire has threatened to change forever the architecture of Paris. Threatened to destroy a symbol of the Catholic Church-and even at the beginning of Holy Week Catholics.

The flames drove the cathedral for several hours, destroying the 850-year-old bell tower on the roof.

The great difficulty encountered by the fire was that they could not use all extinguishing media in order to protect as much as possible of the building’s foundation. However, in the early hours of Tuesday, firefighters managed to control the great fire by preventing the total destruction of the Virgin Mary of Paris.

“The fire was under full control. Partially extinguished, remaining only local outbreaks to extinguish, “he told AFP Brigadier Gabriel Plis, a spokesman for the Paris fire brigade.

In the Cathedral, maintenance work was carried out, as the building was experiencing stability problems. In some parts there were scaffolding, while the bronze statues were removed last week. The main structure of the temple was saved from total destruction, the official said in the early hours of the fire service official.

The two towers of the cathedral, which became known all over the world by the narrative of Victor Hugo “The Virgin of Paris” and the hero of Kouasimodo, were saved from the disaster. Firefighters reported that the stone façade and some important heirlooms kept in the temple, such as the thorn crown, were saved from the fire.

The images unfolded yesterday in the “heart” of Paris were shocking. Outside the temple, citizens and tourists fell on their knees to pray for the salvation of the “Virgin of Paris,” while firefighters and rescue crews made a human chain to save dozens of important religious heirlooms from the flames.


Source: CNN.GR