Public Buildings / Public Services

Various public sector departments serve as points for the provision of services to the public such as the Social Insurance Service, the Citizens' Office, hospital emergency rooms, etc.

Such areas often cause unnecessary queues due to excessive congestion, and this is due to the fact that demand for a service cannot be met immediately sometimes, resulting in the area not been run smoothly.

Clever systems that control lines of priority arrange manage waiting time in a fair manner, resulting in the reduction of waiting time to a significant extent and they predict and simplify waiting time, the process and the duration of service being offered.


  • Eliminate unwanted queues
  • Dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction
  • Comfort and improvement in work performance
  • Easy customization and multiple operating mode choices
  • Various departments can operate simultaneously and independently in parallel service points within the same area
  • System communication can be wired or wireless in places where there is no wiring
  • The system contains software that is programmed according to the needs of each application and manages the system by providing statistics and related reports.
  • The system records and archives all information so that it easily identifies and addresses the reasons and shortcomings that cause crowding in the queues
  • It provides statistical and comparative data, historical and all kinds of useful information using key indicators
  • It measures the productivity of each person providing service separately.