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Υβριδικός Πίνακας Ελέγχου i-on160EXEUR 10 ζωνών

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Υβριδικός Πίνακας Ελέγχου i-on160EXEUR 10 ζωνών

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i-on160EX has 10 zones on board with a total hybrid zone capacity of 160 zones at EN50131 and PD6662:2010 grade 2 or 3. The control panel is the second largest in the i-on range and can support a variety of battery capacities with a maximum of two 12v 17Ah batteries.

Capable of managing 500 users, each able to use a PIN, prox tag, remote control to set the system. The panel will also support an individual Hold Up Device (HUD) for each of the users.

With its built in webserver this panel is readily configured via a web browser which can be also used to program the fully customizable programmable output. In addition the webserver provides a more flexible management interface via mainstream web browsers.

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Κωδικός προϊόντος 3915
Είδος προϊόντος Επαγγελματικά
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Διαστάσεις Panel: 427 x 400 x 101mm Keypad: 115 x 156 x 34mm Expander: 230 x 144 x 44mm
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