Paris - April 16
Notre Dame: The world mourns a huge disaster
16 April 2019
φωτιά σε πολυκατοικία στη Λεμεσό
Fire in a block of flats in Limassol
9 May 2019
Extract from the ANT1 newscast “Mera Mesimeri” (in Greek) of 23 April 2019

Mr. Nicolas Bollas, Security Systems Specialist for Piperaris Security, is invited to ANT1’s “Mera Mesimeri”, to explain everything about bottom cameras, thermal cameras, and how they can help with rescue or in investigations to find potential victims!

In the light of the investigations made at Mitsero in the well and in Xyliatos Lake, we try to understand that today’s technology can help the authorities in their difficult task of identifying and finding possible victims either in the well or in the lake after so long.

Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για την φιλοξενία!

Piperaris was established in Cyprus in 1993. The modern logistics infrastructure, high know-how, have made it important in the field of security and protection for 25 years. The primary objective of the company is to provide good service to its customers while trying to keep pace with the global evolution of technology in security systems.