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To have a complete solution to Subscription Packages cameras and services, we offer you two camera level alternatives.

You can choose with a security specialist - who will have seen the place you want to have a closed surveillance circuit - among a wide range of solutions but with a simpler resolution on HD720P analog cameras or a solution with IP HD1080P digital cameras

Subscription Packages of Analog Cameras

FULL HD720P Analog Camera Subscription Packages in Real Time. Day / night mode, smart infrared. DVR up to 16 channels. Subscription or purchase of materials and services customizable to your needs. To have an Integrated Security Solution forever!

Subscription Packages of IP Cameras

Digital Camera Subscription Packages with Full HD1080P picture and coverage from 1 to 16 cameras. Digital recorder DVR up to 32 channels. Packages fully customizable to your needs. To have an Integrated Security Solution forever!

So, we gathered a few of the differences analogue and digital cameras have, and they are listed below:

Camera cost:

Analog cameras are clearly less expensive than digital cameras.

Image Quality

Analog High Definition (HD) signal significantly increased image quality and resolution.


Analog cameras are pretty easy to run by sending recordings to a digital video (DVR), which then converts the analog to digital and stores it. DVRs are also simple to set up.

Frame rate and picture quality

The frame rate of the analog cameras is lower than that of the IP, so they are not ideal for areas that have a lot of movement or need to show great detail. Also, you can not do as you digitally zoom with IP cameras. However, in some cases or areas, image quality may not be a determining factor. Depending on the application, there are many cases where a high frame rate is not necessary.

Multiple sensors:

IP cameras can contain three or four sensors in a camera, which can cover an area that usually requires more analog cameras to cover it.


Camera resolution continues to improve and IP cameras have superior image quality than analog cameras. You however have cameras with different resolutions and aspect ratios tailored to your needs.


IP camera technology allows the video to be encrypted and validated, so the transmission is secure.

Cost of installation:

It may cost more to initially install an IP camera system than installing an analog camera system.


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