Modern digital technology allows you to see everything on a screen from any point on the planet, wherever you may be. You can see what is happening right now in the area that interests you and be informed of what happened in your absence. Make the most of the unlimited possibilities offered by intelligent video analytics by using artificial intelligence, either in real time or at a later stage.
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The fivefold operating system and the innovative high image compression capabilities offered by the system, combined with the amazing image size output, enable the following:

High image resolution without degradation

Live monitoring and simultaneous display of all cameras on screen

Live, independent and simultaneous video recording of all cameras

Great duration of video recording (from a few days to several months) and its classification by means of graphic charts

Direct search and playback of recorded events by setting the date, time and cause

Transmission of live and video-recorded images and sound as well as handling of the entire system from a computer, smartphone, tablet, smartphone or PDA handheld computer device, via PSTN, ISDN, GSM, GPRS, 3 G, 4 G, 4.5 G, ADSL, LAN networks and via the Internet

Use of an electronic chart and graphs for easily searching the supervised areas.


Furthermore, it is also possible to separately configure and name each camera. Each camera can also recognize any human presence through the system, it can identify faces and inform any interested person. At the same time, the system can handle mobile cameras without the intervention of the person operating it. The system receives messages and handles foreign devices, prints video-recorded images and sends scenes by e-mail. It also displays and records information and texts from cash registers, cash machines and ATM bank machines.
The system recognizes the authenticity of the image and provides security by setting different user levels.

There is a great range of models that enable the making of a proper selection that perfectly fits every need.

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