Integrated Camera Subscription Packages and Services

I choose the package that suits me with any additional devices and within three business days... I see them all!

Full guarantee of the System throughout the duration of the Agreement

Preventive maintenance of the System

System software & system upgrades

Technical support at the premises during working days and hours

Technical support from the central system of technical systems management during working days & hours

Change batteries every 18 months (including battery costs)

24/7 alert alarm center
24/7 sending text messages (SMS)
24/7 sending email

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HD 720P camera with infrared 40M (all in 1)

✓ Real HD Full HD720P High Definition Image,
✓ Day / Night Mode,
✓ Smart Infrared 40m (SMART IR),
✓ EXIR technology,
✓ Flashlight 2,8mm focusing (92 ° viewing angle), DNR, indoor / outdoor with IP66 sealing capacity,
✓ Operating temperature from -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C etc

Digital HD 720P 4/8/16 Hybrid Technology Digital Video Recorder

✓ Various high-resolution video and Full HD 1080P video recording per camera in real time.
✓ Hybrid technology for simultaneous HD Analog and Analog camera connection.
✓ Intelligent and simple to manage, playback, editing, image management and transmission at multiple high speeds and in iOS, Android, Windows Cloud & Email.
✓ Embedded / Decoding / Storage / Network / Intelligent Advanced Professional Machine.
✓ Includes 1 ~ 6TB Operating Linux and Hard Disk (1TB per 4 cameras with ± 30 days of storage).
✓ Features HDMI / VGA outputs up to 4K (16 channels),
✓ HDDNS, Motion Detection,
✓ Privacy Mask,
✓ Hik Cloud P2P etc.
✓ Very low power consumption.

Intelligent Video Management Software (Windows & Mac)

✓ Flexible and Simultaneous Management of Fixed and Moving Cameras, Recorders, Encoders, Decoders, etc.
✓ Multiple functions such as live real-time viewing, video recording, remote multi-search and playback, two-way audio transmission, Email, map, alarms management, multi-screen display, web browsing, multilingual support with Greek etc.
✓ Full compatibility with all modern PCs with local and wide area network (LAN / WAN).

Smart Application for Multimedia (iOS, Android & Windows Phone)

✓ Software for Smart Mobile Phones and Tabs with modern and friendly navigation.
✓ With the use of WiFi, 3G, 4G wireless networks, full-motion management of fixed and moving cameras, recorders, etc. can be achieved.
✓ Remote real-time live real-time image transmission, local video recording, complex search and playback, two-way audio, etc.