The carrying out of studies, the design, installation, training and support in relation to a security system constitutes a highly challenging work. Piperaris Security Protection possesses the necessary expertise, technical infrastructure and adequately trained human resources for the complete implementation and provision of support for every project undertaken by the company, in a responsible and reliable manner. The company aims at providing customer satisfaction on a continuous basis and ensures that they take the most value from their investment through the proper and uninterrupted operation of the security systems that it installs.

Warranty and Maintenance

The ultimate goal of the company is the operation of systems at the highest level as well as the maximum performance and longevity of the systems installed. For this purpose we have a special customized warranty and maintenance program which includes a range of technical support services in order to meet the needs of each client individually.

You can select by yourself the duration of maintenance, the response time, the frequency of visits for preventive maintenance visits, whether to have call center support, whether to include spare parts and in general every detail you may wish to include in the services provided.

Central system for the technical management of security systems

Clients are exempt from any concern with the smooth operation of their security systems. The state-of-the-art central technical management system has a highly developed & modern central monitoring station can remotely monitor & control any system giving therefor direct & effective technical support, without wasting time and incurring unnecessary costs.

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Sophisticated central monitoring center

Undoubtedly, any information may be useful only if it is available at the time of need. For this reason, we offer the possibility of immediately notifying clients and authorities providing security services (the police, the fire-fighting brigade, emergency services, etc.) of anything that has to do with their systems through voice messages, text messages (sms), e-mail, etc.

Monitoring and notification is related to the following:

Burglary, robbery, fire or any other emergency

User ID, date and time of every user with the system

Activation or deactivation of the system within predefined timeframes

Non-activation of the system within and over predefined timeframes

Switching off and on of the electricity and battery drop

Malfunctioning of telephone lines, other means of communication or other malfunctions

Fluctuation of temperatures in sensitive areas such as refrigerators, server room etc.

Signals from children and persons who needs medical or other assistance (special signals)

Visual verification of alarms

Automatic uploading of video recorded events and alarms

Proactive crime prevention actions (proactive analysis)

Any other information that is considered to be useful on the basis of new requirements that are created.

At the same time, the historical record of client systems containing all events and actions is recorded in an easily accessible file.