The security solution is completed by means of the timeless and perhaps the most ancient method of safekeeping valuable items. Depending on the desired level of safety and the special needs of every client, a safe deposit box can be selected for keeping valuable items safe such as items of personal significance items, money, jewellery, documents, weapons, etc.

The safety deposit boxes are manufactured by the company Associated Security Solutions of Great Britain, which is one of the most renowned and oldest firms in the manufacture of safety deposit boxes and accessories, with a wide range of products capable of meeting the most stringent professional, private or banking needs.

Our company offers all types of safety boxes as well as for all safety levels and dimensions. They are distinguished by a series of robust features and benefits. They are all manufactured with high-durability materials in order to withstand any mechanical or thermal attacks, while protecting contents against fire by means of special fire-resistance material.

They possess all the quality and conformity certificates issued by the European certification organisation, they meet the strictest European standards and they are recognized by the world's largest insurance companies which use money and gold.

When choosing a safe deposit box, you should take into consideration the value and nature of the protected items. In this way you can determine the appropriate level of security in case of a break in or fire. You van then choose the type (ground, underground, wall-mounted, in-built, gun-holder), the capacity, the external and internal dimensions, the weight and the method in which it can be opened

Depending on the level of security, there is an option for opening with time-delay, with a single or double code (in the presence of two persons), fingerprints, with a key or a combination of the above.

The wide range of safety boxes is completed by a unique & innovative money safe-keeping system.

This system concerns an air tube that facilitates the transfer of money exchanged at bank cashiers or retail store premises. The air tube is located next to the cashiers and the cashier places the money into a special capsule at regular intervals and then inserts the capsule in the air tube. The capsule is then conveyed via the air tube directly to the special safety deposit box.

This system secures the handling of money in public workplaces because the money transacted on a daily basis will not be in the same area but in a separate and secure room. This dramatically reduces the threat of robbery or theft. It constitutes an ideal system for retail outlets which are open 24-hours a day and especially banks, supermarkets, kiosks, bakeries, gas stations, etc.

Our company's security and protection consultants are at your disposal to explain the systems available in order to choose the right products based on your own needs and your own space.

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