Music systems, announcement systems and voice alarm systems constitute an ideal solution for clearing an area, giving messages as well as in the form of music background. They are essential for public entertainment areas as well as in areas where safety is critical, such as schools, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment centres, factories, conference rooms, hospitals, airports, offices and similar premises.

The extensive range of Bosch products offered, its professional approach and the comprehensive and complete training of the staff of its technical department, led the company to become one of the largest companies of its kind in the world.

A complete series of microphones and loudspeakers, transformers and peripherals. Loudspeakers for all internal or external applications, including areas of particular acoustical characteristics. Excellent sound quality is achieved because sound is spread evenly throughout the area.

Our company will study, design and make several proposals that will enable clients to choose the most appropriate system that meets the needs of the area.

Loudspeakers, sound volume regulators and an amplifier which is the system’s coordinator will be installed to the music and announcements system.

The amplifier regulates the loudspeakers and sound quality. The amplifier will channel the sound received by microphones and audio playback devices such as compact discs (CDs, DVDs, MP3s, ipods, etc.) to the relevant loudspeaker zones.

A special device known as the "streamer" has an integrated memory and it is controlled online by a central sound management and monitoring system and it is intended to cover the most demanding needs of commercial premises such as hotels, chain restaurants, chain stores etc.

Advertising messages and announcements can use any type of music list and can be transmitted separately in each area depending on the season, day and time.

We offer intercom devices which can be operated remotely and have a built-in speakerphone which facilitates communication between departments in business premises as well as special sets for theatre, cinema cashier offices, etc.

Conference and translation systems installed at conferences include digital microphones and menu display, with built-in speakers. They also have a special system intended for the chairman of the conference. Interpreters are provided with microphones with special amplifiers. The audience area is equipped with loudspeakers with an amplifier and wireless microphones can be used which allow a speaker to feel free to express him/herself.

The company's consultants are always at your disposal for any information, demonstration and detailed explanation of the systems.

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