Intelligent systems that manage and handle any customer service waiting time. They dramatically reduce, foresee and simplify waiting time, the process and service duration. They eliminate unwanted queues and in parallel they lead to spectacular improvements in both customer satisfaction, comfort and job performance.

The system is extremely convenient, easy-to-use and has multiple functionality uses. Various services can operate at the same time and in an independent manner, at parallel service points within the same area, terminating queues and providing transparency in customer service priority. The systems are usually used at service points where a demand for service cannot be satisfied immediately.

The Priority Monitoring System consists of the Central Ticket Issuing Unit, the keyboards of employees providing the service, LED boards over each service point that shows the number being served at the time as well as a Central Display that shows the total numbers being served.

Communication with the system can be done in a wired or wireless manner in areas where there are no wires available. It also contains a software that is programmed according to the needs of every application and manages the entire system by providing statistics and reports.

The system finds itself the best solution by taking into account all available information at the time, such as customer arrivals, the number of service staff and the need to serve each customer separately. In simple terms, the customer / visitor approaches the automated reception machine, specifies the reason and the need for service, takes a printed ticket that is issued by the machine and then checks the displays for finding the point from which he/she can be served and when.

The system records and archives all information so that reasons for which queues and service shortcomings are easily detected and addressed. The staff can be more pleased and productive because it has the ability of providing service in more comfortable way, without interruptions and complaints. The system offers statistics and comparative data, historical background and all kinds of useful information by using key indicators. In this way, the data is collected regarding client service, which service is more in demand and evaluates productivity of each service staff individually.

It is suitable for all types of service areas such as supermarkets, butcheries, fish shops, canteens, banks, hospitals, clinics, medical practices, public services, telephony services, municipalities, land registration offices, ministries, the Citizens' Service Centre (CSC), etc.

Every business, public service or organization is now in a position to assess not only the demand for certain services or products but also the productivity, speed and capabilities of each employee individually. Customer satisfaction can now be measured.

The company's security and protection consultants are at your disposal to explain the systems in order to select the right products based on your needs and your own area.

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