Every businessman must be able to prove that he/she has visited specific points of response, at pre-determined times and in the predetermined order. Useful data is recorded in real time and automatically transferred to a computer and in this way it is always available for future processing. The system offers absolute security, reliability and speed in data capture.

The data is automatically transferred to the computer at the time of charging of the terminal on the dedicated base which is connected to the PC. The process is extremely simple and does not require special knowledge.

Once the data is loaded, reports are displayed on the computer screen or printed automatically.

The data is always available on the computer for future processing. The patrol checking system provides absolute security, reliability and speed in data capture.

Our company will ask the appropriate questions in order to be properly informed about the needs and specificities of each case and will provide the perfect solution in cooperation with the client.

The company's security and protection consultants are at your disposal to explain the system.

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