One of the basic elements for a fire to start and spread is oxygen. This means that wherever people live or work, the risk of fire is actually situated in the air. The fire detection alarm system constitutes equipment which is necessary for protecting any business, home and premises.
The fire detection system is ready to detect smoke and fire. The central panel will give an indication of the exact point of fire in a building and will automatically activate the sirens and optical strobes in order to warn people regarding the event. At the same time a special voicemail will notify the fire brigade and other interested parties for timely intervention.

Our company undertakes studies and designs the coverage of each area separately for the purpose of detecting a possible fire, according to the needs of the area, aiming at the perfect operation of the systems based on international safety standards.

The company’s security and protection consultants are at your disposal for further information, as well for any explanations regarding the system’s functions for your own personal safety as well as for the safety of your property.

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