A unique smart locker opening system without keys. Ensuring high security performance, it enables each user to set his/her own digital code for securing their personal belongings while located at recreational or working areas. Ultimate locking solution with simultaneous use by multiple users at variable time intervals and at different times for repeated, permanent or temporary storage of items.

In the workplace and generally at the place where you work or entertain yourselves, there is a need for security, particularly for personal and sensitive items. The proper process of locking a personal lockers in this types of areas is essential and very important for the comfort of the user as well as for the prestige and credibility of the manager of the area because professional integrity is a given in this way

Our company offers a wide range of integrated locking systems to tailor the needs and requirements of every area. Such systems can be made out of wood or plastic, they can be transparent or custom-made and they can come in various sizes, tailored to meet even the most demanding requirements. They are resistant to scratches and all kinds of industrial cleaning items. They use pre-set storage options which are adaptable to all areas of activity. These systems may be offered for common and functional uses.

Headquartered in California, USA, and with countless applications in the global market, the company Digilock offers probably the most reliable and complete products.

It is unmatched in its safety, design and simplicity. It is perfect for such areas as gyms, changing rooms, thermal baths, hotels, schools, private institutes, colleges, universities, offices, factories, hospitals, clinics and generally for educational, working and wellness areas. It constitutes an ideal choice for all storage needs and improves user experience. At the same time it enhances user satisfaction.

Our company's security and protection consultants are at your disposal to explain the systems so that you can choose the right products based on your own needs and your own space.

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