The system works automatically and does not require any human presence. It offers timely, valid and complete information, without any risk of data corruption. In this way loss and errors are prevented. If there is a drop or rise of the necessary temperature or humidity levels, the system will notify all authorized persons by telephone or by activating an alarm.
In accordance with the requirements of international quality, safety and hygiene standards (such as HACCP) it is necessary to monitor and log temperatures and humidity at regular intervals. The temperature and humidity data logging and alarm system covers a wide range of applications which is suitable for hospitals, clinics, blood banks, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics distributors, food packagers, dairies, cheese producers, bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and museums, and it is ideal for any area where the logging of temperatures and humidity levels is essential.

Special systems are also available which are designed for recording other data such as electricity current, air velocity, water levels, ground temperature and other data for statistical and research purposes.

The system works automatically, reducing the cost of data capture since it does not require human presence. In this manner it offers full control, monitoring, logging and recording of temperature and humidity data at all stages of the production process, from raw material to storage and transportation of the final product. It provides timely, valid and complete information without any risk of alteration of the data by human interference. As a result, it prevents damage and any errors. This ensures the highest quality of the products of a company as well as the reduction of costs and working time, thus increasing the profits of a company.

Our clients preferred choice is the ECOLOG system which has a memory of up to 440 days. This system collects information which is then archived by means of twenty-minute data logs. If there is a fall or rise of the required temperature or humidity levels within the area that is supervised by the system, the system will notify all interested persons by telephone or by activating an alarm. It has an intelligent software for transferring all data to a computer.

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