Automatic devices that separate, count and authenticate coins and banknotes with a simple move. The most ideal solution against counterfeiting since they are very simple to use and 100% effective. They allow the user to automatically reject counterfeit banknotes, while relieving the user from the time-consuming process of counting and sorting coins and banknotes.

Counterfeit money sensors can be used not only at banks and large financial institutions, but can also be used by every company, organisation and individuals who deal with large or small amounts of money on a daily basis.

They quickly decrypt the unique DNA security codes hidden in every banknote. This is achieved by 6 simultaneous checks: infrared, magnetic security tape, ink, metal thread code, paper stamp, and even banknote size. They crosscheck the elements by comparing those already stored in the memory of the internal microprocessor, by summing up and separating the values of incoming banknotes. When a banknote is genuine, a green light turns on and its value is indicated. If the banknote is counterfeit, a red light turns on and the banknote can immediately be discarded.

These devices are suitable for all Euro banknotes as well as other foreign currencies such as US dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, etc. they are compatible with all new Euro banknotes.
Multiple options are available without any need for special maintenance. They work directly by plugging them in or even wirelessly with a rechargeable battery. They have a slot for easily upgrading their software in the event that new banknotes are issued. They are certified and approved by the European Central Bank.

These devices are a “must-have” at every point of sale, without the need for special training of staff handling them. They are simple and easy to install. For all individuals or entrepreneurs who do not wish to leave anything to luck and do not want to suffer even the slightest loss, either for themselves or for their business, this solution is simple and effective.

Our company's security and protection consultants are at your disposal to explain the functions of the systems that we have available in order to choose the right products based on your own needs and your own space.

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