Protect your home, business and premises against robberies, burglaries, and other dangers by means of wired or wireless sensors. They detect each and every human movement inside and outside the protected area. This system is specially designed for ease of use by the whole family, from children to the elderly.

The need for security and protection against unwanted visitors led our company to locate the best alarm systems, by choosing the products of top manufacturers. We are the exclusive agents of the American giant, EATON, since 1995 which places our company at the top range of quality.

EATON has 95.000 employees and it is considered to be one of the leading and largest companies worldwide. All of its products are manufactured on the basis of the strictest standards applicable in the EU, Great Britain and the USA.

Alarm systems protect your home, businesses and premises against robberies, burglaries and other dangers.

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The system typically comprises a central panel, a keypad, an internal and external siren, an answering machine, motion sensors, magnetic contact points and vibration sensors.
Motion sensors are placed with or without wires. They detect human movements inside the area at a distance of up to fifteen meters and at an angle of ninety degrees. The magnetic contact points are placed on doors and windows so that when they open they give an alarm signal to the central panel and activate the sirens.

We also have available all types of sensors for interior and exterior areas as well as special sensors for pets, glass breakage sensors, vibration sensors, perimeter protection sensors etc. Pet sensors are placed indoors and cover the whole of the area while the pet can move freely. Vibration sensors are placed mainly in built-in safes (banks, businesses, etc.) and can detect any vibration, such as the breaking of walls. Glass breakage sensors are placed over or opposite glass doors and windows so that if someone tries to break in through a door or window, the sensor can recognize the sound and change in air pressure in the room and the automatically activates the system.

The system can accommodate smoke, heat or gas leak sensors for protection against fire. An important factor is that the system can distinguish fire caused by a break in and will alert the fire department and the owners. The system also has an optional remote control and approach card for activating and de-activating the system, which is fully compatible with every sensor that is available on global market, such as water leak sensors, temperature control sensors, humidity sensors, etc.

In addition, by means of the new POWREDGE application for mobile phones, the user can activate or de-activate the alarm by using his/her mobile phone, even when the user is away from the area or from any place on earth.

The system is specially designed for use by the whole family, even by children or the elderly.

Furthermore, an option is offered whereby the owner and other interested persons can be informed immediately via text messages to mobile phones (sms), or by email concerning any action performed to the system, such as activation and de-activation.

The system can also be put into partial operation, when there are persons inside the house, by protecting a specific area while people are in another room of the house. Our company offers specially designed and professional systems for areas of very high importance such as banks, embassies, etc. with the possibility of separating between branches.

The alarm system can be connected with a computer and has a long memory of the history and for a large number of users. By connecting the system with the Service Centre of our company, you can reduce costs significantly in respect of maintenance and you can dramatically increase speed and quality of service due to the fact that our company’s team of qualified technicians can provide technical support directly from our offices.

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