Minimize shoplifting as far as possible and enjoy a rich source of information by counting the visitors of your store. These systems are placed at the entrances and exits of each store. Select simple or promotional antennas, with modern design and a variety of colours, according to the decor of your store.

We have a longstanding and exclusive cooperation with the company NEDAP from the Netherlands which is one of the largest research, design and manufacturing companies dealing with merchandise anti-theft systems. This cooperation gives enables us to offer modern and reliable security and protection services.

The merchandise anti-theft control system that we offer possesses all international quality and health certificates. International chains such as H & M, M & S, Lidl, Adidas, Benetton, Reebok, Debenhams as well as local brands have successfully used our systems for a number of years.

NEDAP's anti-shoplifting control systems are used to drastically reduce losses of merchandise at the most demanding retail outlets and consist of an essential solution for shops selling clothes, footwear, jewellery, toys, supermarkets, hypermarkets and many more.

Specially designed merchandise anti-shoplifting systems using innovative RF and RDID technology prevent shopliftings of merchandise from supermarkets, bookshops, opticians, retail stores, DIY stores, electrical goods stores as well as any other retail stores.

A customer counting system can also be installed at the entrance of a store and it can be integrated with the merchandise anti-shoplifting system. The customer counting system will count all the people who visiting the particular area by logging in the time and date, accordingly.

The system contains an intelligent software for monitoring the smooth operation of the system and checks the compliance procedures taken by staff.

This data is available online at any time, giving every businessman the opportunity to be informed at any moment, wherever he/she may be, concerning the number of customers who have visited the store as well as which are the peak hours. This is performed by using graphic charts and comparative charts. It is important to note that the technical service and maintenance of these systems is carried out faster and at lower cost through the internet.

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