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Updated Catalogue of Automation Services
27 July 2018
Hikvision wins PSI CCTV Product of the Year for the third time
20 September 2018

The investigations are under way to locate and capture the burglaries that “picked up” the jewelery store at St. Andrew’s Street in Port. 

CCTV footage exists which is being investigated.

The burglary was detected when the alarm went off at the premises in Ayios Andreas street around 5am.

The perpetrators had forced open the aluminium shutters and broke glass shelves, causing the alarm system to sound. Police arrived after they were informed by a private security company.
CCTV footage exists which is being investigated.

“We are targeting a certain crime ring, which must have arrived on the island lately, and seems to have begun operating,” Limassol police chief Ioannis Sotiriades said at the crime scene.

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