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Burglars burst into a Russian house and stole thousands of euros
18 September 2019

Tips about burglary. How to prevent it and how to deal with it?

All people feel a special sense of security in our home and in our personal space in general. The unwanted invasion of a home is truly a traumatic experience for anyone experiencing it. For this reason we want to give you some small tips to prevent any intrusion / burglary but also to explain how you should react in such a case.


Preventing burglary in homes

  • Do not leave unsecured main doors of your house. Keep the main doors always locked.
  • Avoid opening the front door to strangers without confirming the identity of the person who wants to enter.
  • Using a security door and double security in windows makes it more difficult  and prevents burglars for selecting your house to enter.
  • Use exterior lighting at the entrance and courtyard.
  • Leave your vehicles in front of the entrance to your home.
  • Use of fences to protect external pipes and air conditioning units in order to prevent burglars from climbing upstairs.
  • Installation of a siren to indicate that the home is protected by an alarm system, even if  the siren is a dummy. The view of it prevents most of the invasions.
  • If you live in a block of flats and you see a stranger at the entrance inspecting it, you better go your way and do not enter the block at that moment.
  • Use of curtains to prevent the burglar from looking inside the house and to identify any objects that may become a target.
  • Use a security alarm and activate it even while you are sleeping.
  • Acquisition of guard dog or defense dog. Even small puppies can be a deterrent since their barking is very loud and annoying.

Dealing with burglary when you are in your home

  • Initially try to keep yourself calm and in no case do not start yelling.
  • Isolate yourself in your bedroom.
  • Pretend you’re asleep. This will protect you from getting involved with the intruder.
  • Call 112 for emergency calls and try to leave the line open.
  • If the burglar is armed, fall to the ground with your head bowed. There is nothing more important than your life.
  • If it is safe observe the physical appearance of burglars and details like clothes, vehicle registration etc. so that you can help the police to identify the perpetrator.
  • Do not touch the places where the perpetrators moved until the police arrives and inspects your place.
  • An armed burglar is almost never alone. There is at least one more armed to cover. So do not attack.
  • The purpose of burglars is never murder. The killing follows the panic caused by the reaction of victims (bullying strokes) so do not show resistance and do not pretend heroes.
  • Once they are gone do not pursue them immediately as they may shoot you.
Learn more here about how you can protect your space:

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