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31 May 2019
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Great moment of burglaries and thefts has been seen in recent years. Everyday there are offenses of this nature, which should overpower the Authorities.

Thousands of burglaries in four years

According to statistics issued by the Police concerning burglaries of homes or other premises, the last four years have surpassed six thousand. This is a matter that should concern both Authorities and citizens.

Surely, the Police can not be in every neighborhood to prevent burglary. However, the fact that they exceed the thousand each year raises reasonable questions as to whether ways should be found to reduce the phenomenon.

On the other hand, citizens, based on the development of crime, must take their own measures to protect their property.

With regard to the burglaries, in 1915 there were recorded 1948 incidents, in 2016 they dropped to 1687, while the decrease was observed in the last two years, where in 2017 there were recorded 1448 and last year 1217.

Burglary and theft Statistics

The figures show a decrease in robberies but …  

Another major offense for which the numbers are not promising is that of robbery. The 73 incidents in 2018 may, on the one hand, indicate that robberies declined by 29%, compared to previous years, but they are still very high.

Specifically, 78 robberies were recorded in 2015; in 1916 there was an increase of 19%, reaching 93, while a further increase was in 2017 with 107 cases.

Unlike a building rupture, where the sentence can reach the seven years of imprisonment, robbery is the most serious offense, with offenders being subjected to life imprisonment, depending on the circumstances of the offense.

But as much as any punishment is paid for each offense committed, criminality will continue to evolve around us. So we as citizens have to take drastic measures to be deterrent (alarm systems, closed circuit television system, safes) to protect our space and property as best we can.

Burglaries and thefts statistically


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