balcony protection from thiefs - tips
6 + 1 ways to secure your balcony
11 June 2019
ξάφρισαν τουριστικές επαύλεις στην Πάφο
Burglars broke into tourist villas in Paphos
26 June 2019

Beach or mountain, the thefts are possible everywhere. How to protect your property.

Police call the alarm, calling on us to take theft protection measures. The potential for theft of property is always present, especially when we neglect to take the necessary protective measures.

On the day of the cataclysm and throughout the three days we are in, the Police propose simple prevention measures. Such preventive measures can be taken by citizens to protect their property more effectively.

On the beach or at picnic site:

1. which we will not need. We only transfer the necessary amount of money we need for our excursion.

2. Do not transfer objects of great value to the beach or the excursion areas, such as jewelery, watches, cameras, mobile phones, etc. If such items are carried, do not leave them unattended.

3. Our personal property must be constantly in our field of view.

4. Wherever possible, we work with other bathers or excursionists, for the mutual supervision of our property.

Theft of cars:

1. We place our vehicle in supervised parking areas, as it is safer. Where there is a closed surveillance circuit (cctv) we are more confident that everything is recorded. This by itself is a deterrent.

2. We make sure we remove the keys of the vehicle. We lock the doors and fully raise the windows of our vehicle.

3. We do not leave any valuables, such as bags, purses, mobile phones or money, in a prominent position within our vehicle.

4. If an anti-theft system is installed in our vehicle, we make sure that it is turned on and that it is functioning properly.

Generally, the public is advised to be vigilant, to work closely with the Police and if perceive anything suspicious, such as people or vehicles moving suspiciously, immediately inform the local police station or to communicate with the Citizen Communication Line in number 1460.