Telematics – GPS

Movements need to be monitored in the best possible way and they need to be safe. The need to be informed and to remain competitive requires the existence of an integrated system which can see everything in a reliable and documented way.

Fleet tracking and management systems are essential for a business or organization if there are daily and regular movements. After the system gets to know the needs of each user individually, it keeps him connected with a live connection, providing and recording every useful information and data concerning the user.

Telematics systems are divided into 3 categories which offer multiple advantages depending on the needs of each business.

Online Telematics Management Service –

  • The most modern and perhaps the most advanced web based platform on the market, offering a wide range of information to more than 1,000,000 users
  • Compatible with almost all well-known telematics machines
  • It turns all smart smartphones / tablets into trackers.
  • Unified online management service environment, based entirely on cloud service.
  • Provides simultaneous operation for monitoring, tracking, location and navigation in a variety of application areas such as fleets of vehicles, machinery / items as well as tracking of persons and generally living organisms.
  • Timely, accurate, precise and complete automated information in a user-friendly environment that is fully compatible with all maps available on the market


1. Fleet Management
  • Full updates and commitment to timely and valid documentation of all un-weighted and weighted factors, at any given moment or time.
  • Everyday functions are simplified to a surprising extent in view of the fact that multiple processes made up of multiple drivers who are constantly on the move, are now based on a multi-faceted dynamic fleet management system.
  • The movements of private or corporate cars can now be managed and improved.
  • The system enables a business to work more productively, while aiming at a significant increase in the level of security.
  • It coordinates all work processes, staff, schedules, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and other basic and important information (e.g. temperature), providing the best and most desirable result when performing each task / route.
  • It places particular emphasis on the driving behaviour of drivers, identifying each driver individually, while automating their assessment based on their behaviour on the road.
  • This function enables the proper evaluation of staff and increases productivity, maximizing performance on the basis of statistical and comparative data,
  • It monitors and controls vehicles within and outside working hours, it determines exceptions and minimizes idle time and total mileage, maintaining and offering increased quality of work.
2. Management of Machinery / Objects
  • Effective routing and surveillance of machines, valuable items
  • Effective safeguarding of products
  • Live monitoring provides all statistical data regarding the machinery / objects under supervision.
  • At any time, a business is able to have actual information on the situation, quantity, history, temperature measurement and other useful information, and is informed of any possible losses, theft or possible failure in making a delivery in a timely manner.
3. Location of the position of persons / animals
  • A tiny tracker with a great number and multiple features that offers a variety of security solutions at each level.
  • It can inform, restrict and locate the position of the person holding the tracker.
  • With live monitoring and built-in memory, each user can be aware of the exact location of the owner by sending an sms or e-mail at any time, enabling the absolute control of traffic.
  • Notification in case of a sudden fall and removal from the predefined location
  • In case of emergency, there is an SOS button, which activates and promptly alerts the user by opening two-way audio communication.
  • It fully complies with all European standards, regulations and guidelines for Lone Worker.