Shops & Supermarkets

The needs of shops and retail trade in general are more long term, requiring constant organization and monitoring.

A shop needs to know the number of customers, it needs to protect its products, organise its employees, needs to be aware of significant peak hours, etc. and needs to organize these issues in the best possible way, for the smooth operation of the shop and its staff.

Anti-theft systems, customer and merchant counting systems provide solutions to the problems that exist in areas where theft is a daily risk, while simplifying controls over merchandise, which may leads to the drastic reduction of losses and mistakes by personnel.

Advantages of Anti-theft & Counting Systems

  • They dramatically reduce losses of merchandise
  • They reduce thefts to a minimum
  • They ensure compliance with staff procedures
  • They count all visitors, passers-by and customers visiting the shop by recording the date and time
  • They provide safe and accurate measurements
  • All data is available online, giving every businessman the opportunity to be informed at any time.
  • Data can be used to better organize staff during peak hours
  • Artificial servicing and maintenance is carried out over the internet, faster and at a lower cost
  • Alarm signalling through RFID tags which are placed on merchandise so that they can be protected as well for the purpose of counting the products
  • Simple to use and to operate

Advantages of electronic product protection systems

  • Advanced theft detection sensors immediately activate an alarm in case of disconnection by a customer.
  • They increase business profits because it does not need staff to oversee and control clients in respect of any theft or damage.
  • Sales increase because they enable the provision of service is an easier and more comfortable manner by spending more time with the customer
  • Simple to use and to operate