This is a sector that is directly related to the provision of services, safety and customer satisfaction.

The risks present in an area where the kitchen is constantly operated impose the need for the proper prevention of any accidents, such as gas or water leakage, fire outbreak and many other hazards.

At the same time, customer service and customer satisfaction play an important role for the success of the restaurant so that customers will be repetitive and remain happy. In this respect, an intelligent customer service & wireless intercom system provides the solution for productive staff and happy customers.


  • The system arranges and manages waiting time
  • It drastically reduces waiting time
  • It simplifies waiting time, the process and the duration of service
  • It eliminates unwanted queues
  • Spectacular improvement in both customer satisfaction, comfort and job performance
  • Easy to adjust
  • The system records and archives all information in order to easily identify weaknesses and the problems that arise
  • The staff is more pleased and productive
  • It provides statistical, comparative and historical data using key indicators