Every hotel has its own complex interactions between visitors, staff, suppliers and natural infrastructure. This complexity poses enormous demands on security and communication systems. This business sector operates 24 hours a day and must provide a sense of security to everyone.

The correct combination of security solutions in a hotel requires great attention and study by a trained company with experienced staff.

The most important factor in a hotel is protection against fire. Fire Alarm and Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems constitute essential equipment for protecting every hotel, in view of the fact that kitchens and computer rooms may be operating in parallel and for consecutive hours.

Advantages of Fire Detection Systems

  • They immediately detect smoke and fire
  • They detects and pinpoint the exact point of fire
  • They detect and analyse the different fire points on the central panel
  • They activate sirens and optical beacons to inform the persons located inside a room
  • A special telephone system notifies the fire department for early intervention

Benefits of Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • They can protect a small area such an electricity panel, or even large areas such as a filing or server room
  • The fire is stopped by natural reaction without limiting oxygen from the atmosphere
  • They do not damage electrical appliances
  • As soon as the fire is detected it can be neutralize in a few seconds in any area under any circumstances
  • The fire extinguishing systems do not need any maintenance
  • They are the latest technology in fire fighting
  • They are environment friendly
  • They are efficient