Hospitals & Clinics

The health sector can also be considered an area that needs protection. As in the case of hotels, protection against the risk of fire in health establishments can be fatal and it is equally and perhaps even more important. At the same time, however, in the health sector, care and support must be given immediately whenever patients need it.

The nurse notification system is a necessary and essential system for the smooth operation of hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, etc. It provides assistance to the person in need and is considered to be a system that is easy to use by patients and all persons involved.


  • Immediately informs the hospital staff of emergency and non-emergency situations
  • It meets the needs and requirements of patients
  • It achieves communication between patients and the doctor or nurse
  • It is easy to use
  • It can be installed even in toilets for the disabled or toilets of persons with special needs
  • It provides the ability to record and archive events by recording the date, time and location of each call
  • It is subject to strict quality controls