Freight Transportation Ships

In today's world, businesses are active on a global basis. Maritime transport was reasonably developed by the use of containers. Specially configured ships have been built for the transportation of containers and port infrastructures have been suitably adapted in order to accommodate the loading and unloading of such ships.

All of the above developments are designed to make freight transport safer, faster and more cost-effective on a worldwide basis. This can be done only by using specific cameras, commonly referred to as crane cameras.

In this way, the driver carrying a container from the ship to the shore and vice versa, can watch a special screen in order to carry the container in the proper manner.


  • Drastic reduction of cargo deviation
  • Correct lifting of the load by the driver who moves the container
  • Drastic reduction of load drops
  • Reduction of work-related accidents
  • Reduction of damage caused to cargo
  • Reliability when unloading cargo
  • Monitoring of the behaviour of the operator in the event of damage