Universities & Schools

Safety in educational facilities is essential and is considered to be a given. Apart from the risks that may arise in an educational facility (fire, invasion, violence, natural disasters, etc.), other problems may arise such as organizational and coordination problems.

An important factor for a proper academic environment is the management of the Library and the protection of its contents. Traditionally, libraries face serious management problems such as losses, theft, queues, resulting in the work of the librarian to be difficult and unproductive.

A complete solution for the total management, security and simplification of the functions of a library offers both educators / employees as well as children / students an improved and modern educational method that not only enhances security but also provides clear benefits for those involved.


  • Innovative RFID technology
  • Drastic reduction of operational costs
  • No more lengthy procedures
  • Fast assortment and inventory of any material
  • Any book can be easily located
  • information, statistics, history, etc. is available at any time
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in service quality
  • Increase in the protection and security of books / documents, etc.