Cruise Ships

Over the last decades, there has been a steady increase in the number of such voyages by cruise ships and other ships, resulting in the development of a specialized line of shipping business.

Cruise ships and passenger ships in general offer particular amenities in terms of passenger accommodation, appearance, decoration, equipment and service. Nevertheless, at the same time, each voyage made on board such ships entails a number of risks for which each shipping company must be prepared.

The most important factor in this sector is protection against fire. Fire detection and fire extinguishing systems constitute essential equipment for the protection of passengers.

Advantages of Fire Detection

  • They immediately detect smoke and fire
  • They detects and pinpoint the exact point where the fire is located
  • They detect and analyse the different kinds of fire on the central panel
  • They activate alarms and optical beacons for the purpose of informing people who are located in the room
  • A special telephone system notifies the fire department for the purpose of early intervention