For a business to function in an effective manner, it is divided into different departments according to the appropriate criteria which group functions and activities or achieve the best possible organization. In the modern business world, structures have become a lot more complex and complicated. As a result, there is an increase in the requirements and the problems that arise in the organization and monitoring of a business.

The time monitoring system forms an important part for the smooth operation and of the business as well as for the proper evaluation of staff.

The time monitoring system accurately calculates the working time of each employee per day or for a selected period of time. As a result, company directors are able to monitor whether the predefined work program has been followed.


  • Collection of information via the Internet or even via fixed or mobile telephony
  • The software of the system is designed to cover even the most complex needs of modern companies
  • Fully respecting personal data, all data is recorded on electronic attendance meters
  • The software ensures that the data is properly transferred and recorded in the record of movements
  • The system calculates exactly the time spent by each employee during his work
  • The system is aware at all times the persons who are present and absent from work, as well as the reasons for their absence
  • It calculates overtime work as well as work during holidays
  • It prints out detailed reports which are capable of meeting every requirement by exporting a record of the results of specific calculations so that they may be entered in the payroll program