Banks and the banking sector in general are a place where thousands of transactions are carried out every day. It is a place that deserves special attention since hundreds of people visit the bank every day.

Modern society faces the greatest security challenge of all times, therefore, security in such an area is of the utmost importance because the risk of robbery is present on a daily basis and there is also a need for the security of both money and persons who are present (customers, staff, etc.).

An integrated alarm system and cameras, as well as an access system must be chosen with great attention that is offered by a company which is experienced in the field so as to be able to meet all the needs that may occur in such an area such as the bank.

  • Special digital cameras that recognize people and follow people's movements.
  • Thermal cameras that detect the thermal energy emitted by an object or body and are based on the difference of temperature between objects.
  • The thermal camera can "see" in absolute darkness, in fog and smoke, even at a long distance, and is capable of detecting anyone who is hiding in the shadows.
  • High definition image quality.
  • Controls every movement in every corner of the area
  • Focuses at various distances under any lighting conditions, with variable focus lenses for every room.
  • There are devices that alternate the image on the screen or devices that ensure simultaneous display of all images.
Alarm system
  • A vibration detector is mainly mounted on incandescent safes (banks, businesses, etc.) and detects vibration, such as a wall breaking.
  • Glass break detectors are placed above or opposite glass doors and windows, so that if someone breaks the doors and windows, the detector can recognize the sound and change the room's atmospheric pressure and automatically turn on the system.
  • POWREDGE application on mobile phones so that the user can arm or disarm the alarm from his mobile phone even when the user is away from the area or at any part of the world.
  • Provision of information to all persons in charge (department managers, etc.) by SMS, or by email whenever any action is taken with regards to the system, such as arming and disarming.
  • It is possible to set the system into partial operation when there are people in the area, thus protecting a specific area while the persons are in another area of the bank, e.g. safety box room
  • Panic Button in case of robbery or trespassing by unwanted visitors. By pressing the button that us usually located under the office of an employee, immediately notifying the police.
Access Control
  • Control of persons entering and exiting a door while preventing access without making use of the system at the same time
  • Significant increase in the possibilities offered by the system regarding the flexibility in programming, management and recording of access events
  • The system keeps full records and identifies the person entering the area that is controlled by the system.
  • The system can give permission to enter specific locations, to specific individuals and in specific timeframes.
  • The time and accessibility to areas, buildings and zones are regulated by using a single identifier, a personal card and many more.
  • The system is very simple, intelligent and flexible to use and operate.
  • Provides complete presence control functions for payroll purposes.