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21 September 2018
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19 November 2018

We were informed of the recent burglary attempt that was successfully avoided after using the CCTV system in time to alert the police quickly and prevent the perpetrators in time! 

The apartment burglary attempt watched live from his phone in broad daylight citizen who alerted the police.

Patrols blocked the area where a block of flats is located in the Agioi Omologetes, so three Georgians caught on the leek while a fourth fled.

The unbelievable incident occurred Thursday at 11:15 am when a citizen who has a mobile application saw with real-time camera and realized that two faces to be outside of it and try to enter.

He then alerted the police while hurrying himself on the spot.

Patrols went to the spot and found two persons at the entrance of the block of flats performing guard duties and two others who began running with the view of the police.

Chase began and the police managed to arrest three of them, while the fourth escaped and sought.

As it was discovered, they were Georgians and in their possession they were identified with burglary tools. It is noted that lately burglaries and thefts have been reported in the area, and today the arrestees will be brought before a court to request their detention.

Source: philenews