P iperaris Security Protection was founded in Cyprus in 1993 by Mr. Marios Tryfonos with the slogan "the all-seeing ". Since its first year of operation, the company has managed to achieve a strong presence in the field of electronic security.

With a number of staff exceeding 40 persons and a network of associates in Cyprus and abroad, the Company has managed to become a loyal partner to its clients with the aim of providing a high standard of security and protection for their every need.

Its state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure, its high technology systems, its professionalism and dedication in the provision of its services, has set the Company to an increasingly higher position in the field of safety and security.

The company studies, designs, imports, sells, installs, maintains and monitors electronic security systems, always in a serious and responsible manner. The Company has two showrooms, a laboratory, a management and monitoring center as well as warehouses for materials and accessories in Limassol and Nicosia and provides excellent services all over Cyprus.


The successful course of the company is based on strong foundations, by setting long-term goals at the same time. The philosophy of Piperaris Security Protection remains the same: to continue marching in parallel with global technological developments where security systems are concerned and to constantly expand its product range, by offering five-star services with the aim of providing reliable protection, security and success to its clients.


Piperaris Security Protection ensures the selection of the perfect range of excellent quality products and offers the best solutions for actual security and protection. All of the products offered by the company are manufactured on the basis of the highest standards and meet all international safety standards.

It is worth mentioning that the products successfully pass through an overall quality control, this ensuring their smooth and long-term operation.

Piperaris Security Protection is the exclusive agent of some of the most renowned manufacturers world-wide.


The primary aim of the company is to provide excellent service to its customers and to offer all necessary services for prevention, security and protection. It always ensures that its customer service and support are provided in an immediate, continuous and comprehensive manner.

The company takes the factor "product knowledge" seriously into consideration and as a result all of the staff of the company is continuously trained in order to always be well trained and fully skilled and ready to serve the company’s clients at all times.

The company places special emphasis on its state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure and ensures that it is continuously modernized. Equally important factor for the company is the provision of after-sales service. This is achieved by offering special maintenance programs in order to ensure the long-term operation of its products.

Our team

Marios Tryfonos
Managing Director
Maria Valanidou
Financial Controler
Stavros Tsanos
Production Manager
Sakis Makrides
Projects & Quality Control Manager
Vasia Yiasemi
Customer Care Support
Nicolas Bolas
Design & Sales Manager
Elena Procopi
HR Coordinator.
Design Support Engineer.
Kyriakos Tryfonos
Antonis Petrides
Senior Project Engineer. CCTV Specialist
Emanuel Costica
IT Support
Doros Kotopoulis
Senior Project Engineer - Fire Specialist
Giorgos Yiangou
Senior Service & Maint. Manager Intrusion Specialist
Petros Tryfonos
Marketing Consultant
Giorgos Georgiades
Lydia Eythymiou
Dimos Achilleos
Iakovos Koutoures
Leandros Zomenis
Security Consultant
George Georgiou
Design Support Engineer
Sofia Panteli
Marketing, SM & PR Coordinator
Petros Petrou
IT Support
Procopis Constantinou
Michalis Vasileiou
Project Control Assistant
Danae Karolidou
Customer Service Support
Panayiotis Georgiou
Customer Service Manager
Panayiotis Papasymeou
Smart Automation Director
Maria Triselioti
Digital Marketing
Nikos Kourtis
GPS Brand Manager
Andreas Iakovou
Security Consultant



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